An Excuse to Live!


Shiny bright blue sky up above,

Once filled with hazy heavy hearted dark clouds,

Is now plain as a playfield ready for a fresh new Game!

Fresh new Game! Fresh new rainfall! Fresh new Hope!

Lush green tree that stands beside you,

Once dry as a forsaken desert, parched and dead,

Is now emerald green, glowing for a fresh new Spring!

Fresh new Spring! Fresh new Season! Fresh new Beginning!

A tear that rolled down his pink soft cheeks,

Once for his dead mother, who parted him untold,

Is now a tear of joy for his new born baby girl, a fresh new Life!

Fresh new Life! Fresh new Reason! Fresh new Rebirth!

Every day’s a gift, every minute is a celebration!

Take a reason to smile, make an excuse to live!

Treasure every moment of your life!

Take every breathe of your life, as if it were the first!


Who’s the Script Writer anyways???


I have always wondered why things happen in life the way it actually does. Why is life the way it is, for me and for others? What could be the reason? What could be the logic? Who could be master mind behind this? Who is to be blamed? Who is to be acknowledged or appreciated?  Ah… numerous questions keep running through my mind every time things happen in my life and I hear various stories from people around me! I thought maybe it was best not to think about it, or more frankly it’s best not to blog about it! But then it has been haunting me for a long time now and I finally decided yes it’s time I finally pen it down! Guys please bear with me and please don’t judge me or my blog!

I have always sought answers for the questions above, spiritually and practically! If we consider spirituality then it’s a huge debate in itself that I don’t want to get into here and it’s a never ending one too! I am trying my best to address this question practically and trying to reason it out as to why do things happens the way it does? Why are few of us happy? Why few of us are so very unhappy?

A couple of months back I saw this movie ‘Luck By Chance’. The movie is one of the best movies that I have watched for a long time now. And it left me really disturbed and I have wanted to write a blog about the movie for long time now! The story of the movie revolves around the choices that each of the protagonists i.e. the hero and heroine in the movie make to succeed in their struggling career as actors. The hero who aspires to become a hero in movies does whatever it takes to become a successful actor. He is a go getter and bends a lot of rules, ethical and non ethical to make it big! To fulfil this dream of his, he lets go of his love, his family, friends and his moral values too! And that is the choice and sacrifice that he makes to move up the ladder in the highly competent world of movies. Whereas the heroine of the movie, though she intends to become a successful actress, she is strongly bound by her values, her love and friends. She makes compromises in her career and her success in it for the values and morality that she strongly believes in! And even better she is happy making her choices and preferences. Hence the movie ends with the message that life is all about the choices we make and we are solely responsible for it!

Hmmm that movie left bells ringing in my mind! For days and months I was disturbed by the movie. I thought, gosh maybe for all the ‘n’ number of questions in my mind that kept haunting me all the time, here is the answer and it’s pretty obvious! We are responsible for the way our life turns out to be, be it happy or sad, success or failure, rich or poor, hardworking or lazy, good or bad etc. It all lies in us! All the problems and solutions lie within us after all! We are responsible for what we are today and what we will become tomorrow! Agreed circumstances, situations, relatives, friends, family members, loved ones, etc influence them all. But then those are factors that are constant for all of us. All of us in this world are exposed to it at various degrees and all of us are largely affected by it. But then irrespective of what the factors are, the choice the ultimate decision, the final call is ours! It’s always us! We are left with the authority of making the choices and so are we equally responsible and eligible to bear the repercussions and outcomes of this decisions which most of us many a time refuse to do!

I do understand that we know this all! We definitely know it all! But then again how often do we realize it and actually acknowledge it? How many of us have the guts to tell, yes today I am a failure because of the choice and decisions I made in the past! Yes today I am seeing this day and here I am because of what I did yesterday! Hmm not many of us will do that! We always try to find reasons. We always try to give excuses and defend ourselves. We always try to protect us with the blanket of pity and self empathy so that we don’t have to face ourselves and answer our conscience that yes, I am responsible for it! I am the culprit behind it! I am to be accused! I am to be blamed!

Here are the examples of few people in my life who made their choices when they had to and hence wrote the script of their own lives! They are the masters of their own destinies and they stood by their choices and preferences at times of good and bad! They faced the highs and lows of their lives, faced the storm with a brave heart and alluring smile even when the times were testing and demanding! They always knew what they wanted and the cost they had to pay for it! They chose to do whatever they did for their own good reasons and judgements that only can they justify and defend.

A very close friend of mine made a decision two years back that her parents and their happiness were most important to her over her love! She let go off her love because she thought that was the right thing to do for herself and her parents. She sacrificed her love with a heavy heart to cherish the smile on her parents’ faces and live up to their expectations. Today, she is happily married to the guy chosen by her parents and is leading a normal life with her husband. This was the choice that she made then when she had to choose between her parents and her love. She was well aware of the compromises that she made for her parents sake and she was happy to make them. Hmmm hats off to you dear for your steel nerves and the selfless love for your parents. Not many are actually capable of doing what you did!

My manager at my previous company used to very often say, ‘I always had a choice to make – to either be on the management side or the employee side of the table and I chose to be on the management side, always! My choice to represent the management may not be the best of the decisions and if I were to remain as an employee in my career span then I could have gone places! Yet here I am with a huge bank of experience in life and career and I have seen all types of firms and managements in my career!’ Yes Sir, hats off to you again, for being there on the management side and all the knowledge and experience that you have gained over the years. I am even more glad and grateful that I got the wonderful opportunity of working under you and gaining great valuable insights from you and your experience.

A very close friend of mine again, let go off his plans to work after his under graduation, go abroad and pursue his masters, stayed back and completed his masters in one of the local management institutions in the city right after his under graduation, though his career orientations and passions were different did a gracious and noble act of pursuing a totally different path in his career and also would be settling much earlier than his other pals for the sole reason – the love of his life! His selfless love for her has made him face numerous challenges in life and he has always chosen her over his any other aspirations and dreams! He is a man of honour and great virtue! He is undoubtedly a man of selfless deeds! Hats off to you my friend! She is the luckiest soul on this phase on earth!

Surviving the Black Day!

Today is a Black Day in India! Sixteen years after the demolition of the Babri Masjid mosque, the angst is still felt everywhere in India on this particular day! On every 6th of December citizens of all religions are chanting only one prayer: “there shouldn’t be any mishap today and I and my family should return home safe and sound!” Frankly speaking I did not know much about Black Day till yesterday. Many of my friends started getting alert messages over their cell phones to be careful about December 6th, the Black Day of India! They warned them to stay against all troubled areas, people and public spots too. Several of them in fact were strictly asked to stay back at home too.

My day today started off with news reports regarding the beefed up securities across India. All the metro cities and prominent places in the cities were put on high alert! The police spent sleepless nights over the past few days to ensure that the security measures were flawless. All places including hospitals, airports, hotels, malls, temples, market areas, mosques etc were all under radar, inspected, searched and protected. The Police people were all around the country, cities and everywhere highly vigilant and active. Wow! To be frank, for a change they were all actually performing their duties, that too sincerely! And luckily thanks to our dear police men or our own dear stars, nothing happened today (at least till I wrote this post!).

Hmm however as I resort to bed, this wild thought crosses across my mind! I wish every day was a Black Day in India! The same angst that was felt today was felt by the police and the other authorities in India all through the 365 days in a year! I wish the police and the security forces were as responsible as they were in the past two days or so in order to ensure there was no security breaches in the cities and the country. I wish we people were protected the same way as we were secured and protected today, the Black Day! I wish the police would be on the streets and all around us, earnestly performing their duties and being the proud citizens of India rather than collecting bribes and harassing civilians! I wish! I wish! I wish!

If all of the above were to happen throughout the year and if the governing bodies and other authorities were performing their duties aptly, with vigilance, then we need not have to see another 26/11 or a Malegaon bomb blast or any such incidences where the innocent people are killed in hundreds and thousands! If this thought of mine were to come true, then we need not lose our dear mothers and fathers or brothers and sisters or even sons and daughters for that matter any in bomb blasts or any such terrorist or anti social activities and be left orphans! If this thought of mine were to become a reality, then all of us could all lead a peaceful life and not blame our best buddy Pakistan or any other terrorist organizations or an external factor or element for our internal failures!!!

P.S. I Love You!

You are the message and I am the bottle
Together we are the message in a bottle
With smiling faces unison hand in hand
Floating along the ocean of love and life
Sailing across the waves towards our destiny
You are the blood and I am the vampire
I resist not the scent of you
Though our worlds are far apart
I dare not to part from you
Together in the twilight
Shining forever like the new moon light  
You will see not the eclipse of my love for you
Every day will be a breaking dawn with cheer and joy
You are the symbol of my life
And without you I am lost like never
In the world of ancient I die not
In the world of today I exist not
You are the Bible for my today and tomorrow!
[ A special thanks to my special friend Senthil for inspiring me to write this piece of poetry. This poem is dedicated to you my Friend, Thank You! ]


Far across the plane was the land of wonder

Where the trees were lush in green all through the year

Blooming with fresh fruits and flowers

That was fed by frequent storm and rain

The beautiful land was a treat to the eye

Filled with joy and laughter of the children and adult

Lively as always all through day and night

Knew not they what the pain of hunger was

Knew not they what the struggle for survival was

For they had in abundance the food and the shelter

Glad as ever were they to share and care

This is what a paradise was thought many

This is what they mean by eternal bliss muttered a few

Not a disease or a drought had this terrain ever witnessed

Not a sad or a grumpy soul lived on this piece of earth

Never was a tear of sorrow or pain shed on this soil

Happy were the folks as they had always been

Living in harmony with all residents and the nature

Everything seemed to be a pleasant dream

For it could only be a reverie that could be so idyllic yet not real

It was the land of wonder the existed not in bona fide!

India – Land of Entrepreneurs!

India is a country known for Ayurveda, Yoga, Democracy, Tourism, Hospitality, Spices, Culture, Traditions, Customs, Population, Information Technology, Bollywood, Poverty etc. But India has also been prominently known for its ‘Entrepreneurship Spirits’! It has always been considered a ‘Land of Entrepreneurs’ and has vastly been admired and appreciated for the same since primeval times! In fact it is also said that though China is way ahead of India right now, it will drastically slow down for several reasons. And the one factor that the two countries are forever compared on is the spirit of ‘Entrepreneurship’. And it has been studied and proved that Indians unanimously beat Chinese with their Entrepreneurship forms and it is solitary path for overall growth, employment, empowerment, knowledge etc. I have very often read and heard about it online and offline too. But I never personally thought so! It never really dawned on me this Entrepreneurship nature of India that has been there with us forever, before I encountered the following 2 incidents.

Incident I: I had the privilege of being a part of a three day TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2008 at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. I represented the placement council of my college and was supposed to network with the attendees there as a part of the branding activities of the college and also invite them to be a part of the campus placement activity of our college. This was during December 2008, the time when there was alarm of panic across the world with the aftermath of the recession in US and its impact on other global economies. The buzz words at that time were recession, economy slowdown, retrenchment, funds crunch, unemployment etc. But the environment at the summit was significantly different compared to the world outside. It seemed to be like an Island that was filled with people unaffected by the world outside – that only spoke about the negative impacts of the recession on its business. The three days at the summit was like a dream full of opportunities, leadership, VCs, entrepreneurs who dreamt of big things, had miles to go and no word of return, retreat, fund shortages or compromises on their dreams and aspirations. Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from across India were present there and I had the golden opportunity of interacting with them and spending some quality time with them. Each one of them was good at their own spheres with budding energy, zeal and entrepreneurship. Not one spoke about recession, shortage of funds, economy slowdown, lack of opportunities etc. These were the last words in their vocabulary. The environment there was so vibrant with the entrepreneurial spirit that I myself came out with charged up energy that only reinforced my own aspiration of being an Entrepreneur in the near future!


Incident II: The current organization that I am working in, shifted our office premises to Millers Road, a month or so back. The office now situated in one of the central locations of Bangalore, is also a place where numerous companies in Bangalore are located too. It is filled with huge buildings and business centres that are pedestal to business activities in and around Bangalore. Just opposite to our office at the traffic signal is a cobbler in a small battered hut where he weaves and mends boots. His body build up and his dressing style though with worn out clothes didn’t make him appear quite like a typical cobbler! To my very surprise, when I established a conversation with him I found out that he is an entrepreneur himself! He manufactures shoes in a manufacturing unit at Shivajinagar, Bangalore by providing employment to 15 odd people sourced from Calcutta. The employees are from Calcutta for they have good skill sets in manufacturing shoes. The materials are sourced from Chennai and China to ensure that they are authentic leather. He says – ‘though people say globalisation and liberalization is a threat for our country and the small scale industries in India, I would disagree with it! The entry of major global brands into the Indian markets has only increased the demands for the shoes produced by players like us. If a pair of branded shoes is worth 3000 – 4000 bucks, customers can buy 10 such similar pairs from us.’ He also gave an account about the competition in his business, the customers and the business strategies that he adopts for survival and growth of his enterprise. His insights on the business, customers, market, competition etc were in way inferior compared to any well learnt analyst or a business professional!

Seeing the entrepreneurship spirit in this man on the streets on Bangalore with worn out clothes and shabby form and amongst the hundreds and thousands of them that I met at the TiE Summit in business attire and well groomed selves, I could only ponder over and over again about the famous statement that I have heard from several people – ‘India is a land of Entrepreneurs’! How true and how apt! Way to go India! Way to go Entrepreneurs!


A Scary Flight!

The French plane carrying 228 people onboard, disappearing from the sky on its way to Paris, is one of the scariest news I have heard before! God! Here are a bunch of people flying on a flight for few hours from one place to another for various reasons, be it leisure, business or any other personal reasons and a few of them onboard reading a magazine or having a small nap or sipping a hot coffee or doing their chores high in the sky! They not have the faintest idea they would be dying any minute! Amongst the 228 I am sure not one would have thought this was the last day of their life! If he did then he wouldn’t be flying in that flight in the first place! God what a scary thought! Death can be one of the scariest things for any human being! You know that eventually every one of us has to die! But the fact that death can embrace you any minute is scary! And it actually happening is even scarier!

My Dad says that I am one of the naughtiest of all of my siblings and he has always silently enjoyed my mischief! I am sure he is regretting for it now, though! But then like my Dad says I am always up to one or the other thing! When you hear such news and see such tragedies of life, that’s when I again and again make up in my mind that I want to try out everything if life, everything and live every minute of my life to the fullest, good or bad! Call me a selfish pig, a mischief, a freak show! Call me whatever you want! But then I want to try out everything in life. Life is too short and I want to live up to the maximum so that tomorrow when touchwood I am flying in a similar flight and I know that death is nearing I can go down and embrace death with a smiling face! I should face the last few minutes of my life with a contentment that I have done at least a few of the things that I actually wanted to do!

Frankly speaking, as of now I haven’t done much of what I want to do! As of today, my ‘To Do List’ can run into pages and miles! Few of them are beyond my reach for now or ‘It is too early to say’ as my dear friend Sumeet puts it! Few of them if not most of them, I strongly feel are still in my control and reach! If I make up my mind today and put in the right mix of efforts, energy, prayers etc they can and will happen today! Now I know for sure know my time is running! And that I can vanish from this face of the earth any second, like the France flight disappeared from the sky! The ‘Restless Suma’ can be wiped out any minute and all the things attached with her can become distant memories of past in matter of seconds! I now know that whatever I want to I got to do it soon! The earlier the better! Every minute is precious! Every lost minute, day, week, month is not going to come back! And when I face death, I want to embrace it with smile of contentment and joy!